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How to Use Webhooks with K Factors

Content is still king in the online world, but data is coming in hot, to say the least.

It makes sense, then, that so many people want their apps to be able to send and receive information between each other.

We understand, too, which is why we developed custom webhook capabilities.

Connecting apps through webhooks allows you to push data from one app (such as your K Factors analytics) into another system (such as an email list maintenance app).

When you’re configuring a new notification widget, there are the design and deployment settings, and there’s also a setting for where the data captured from certain widgets — like email addresses or feedback responses — go after you have it.

Connecting another app (Stripe, Mailchimp, Zapier, etc.) to K Factors happens in the widget setup phase. Apps that return relevant inputs will have a Data customization option. Widgets like informational bars won’t have this option.

Toggle on “Send caught data to external sources”.

The webhook URL you connect data being brought in by K Factors (such as email collectors or written requests) is obtained through the app service you are using, and has to be obtained through your account there.

But, once you have your webhook, paste the URL of it into the Webhook URL field and click “Update”.

If you need to have information sent to you, but don’t have other apps to manage it for you, then you can just send out data to your email. This is useful for times when customers have requests or questions that you can simply answer with your own email.

However, when it comes to things like email collections, we do recommend having a dedicated service to manage a growing email list.

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