ProveSource seems price efficient.
But you can do better.

We provide more notification types and templates, and more unique web visits per month, at the same price (often for less).

You should always get the most value for your money. Don't settle.

One of the first things you look at as a startup is the cost. But you can spend the same amount and get more value. K Factors has more notification types, and higher numbers of visitors per month, than ProveSource, for the same (and often less) amount of money.

The Easiest Automation I Have Ever Used.

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Virginia O.
Marketing Manager
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K Factors vs. ProveSource Feature Comparison

Feature Comparison K Factors ProveSource
Free plan option Yes, free for life Yes, free for life
Simple code snippet setup
Easy and fast notification campaign set up
Show live traffic
Show recent conversions
Conversion counter
Build custom Webhooks with no code
Geolocation based conversion notifications
Custom rules and time duration
Informational notifications
Integrates with WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace
Mobile responsive notifications
Consumer review displays
Consumer activity monitoring (clicks, mouse hovering, conversions, form submissions)
Conversions within past (x) number of hours display (i.e. hot streak notifications)
Engagement links and button embed
Request collecter
Clickable coupon display
Clickable discount codes
Pop up lightbox lead collectors
Image and video pop up displays
Countdown timer display
Social media sharing capabilities
Numeric score and emoji feedback collector

K Factors vs. ProveSource Price Comparison

Pricing and Plans K Factors ProveSource
Free for life plan
Free trial Starts free, then upgrade when you need to Starts free, then upgrade when you need to
All widget notification types Yes, 15+ types for every plan 6 types starting at $21/month plan
Number of websites From 2-50 Unlimited
Number of web visits a month 10,000 with Free plan 1,000 with Free plan
100,000 with $19/month plan 10,000 with $21/month plan
1,000,000 with $149/month plan 50,000 with $54/month plan
200,000 with $109/month plan (billed yearly)
500,000 with $219/month plan (billed yearly)
Unlimited with $1095/month plan
(billed yearly)

All Plans Include

We have been in the startup game for a long time. We respect your time, your funding, and your conversion goals.


It’s the age of the mobile device. If you don’t keep up with responsive page elements, you’ll get left behind.

Notification Customization Forms

For the people who went to FOMO to avoid typing any sort of code, you were disappointed, right? Here you just use forms to set up and deploy your pop-ups.

15+ FOMO Widgets to Use

We’re not the kind of people who like limitations. We’re more the “pull out all the stops” type. Make your widgets interactive for feedback, or offer something to them to entice them to buy.

Notification Analytics

Now for manners use has company believe parlors. Least nor party who wrote while did.

Integration Capabilities

Add K Factors widgets to any page of any website built with any page builder. WordPress, Shopify, you name it. Throw in your data analytics software and email list management tools, too.

Real Time Editing Capabilities

Change how your notifications look, where they pop up, and their time duration settings without bothering your users or your live website.

Making notification inspired conversions shouldn’t cost you more time and money than you make.

If you’re looking for a lot of notification options to generate a sense of urgency and community, we’re here for it. If you’re looking to start making notifications right now, for free, with zero coding required, then you’ll be right at home here. Install one line of code, and you’ll never have to do anything with code again.

Start reaching people now. it’s free.