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How does the affiliate program work?

Being included in the K Factors affiliate program is free and easy. To start, log onto your K Factors account.

In the drop-down menu under your name, click “Affiliates” > “Affiliate Links and Tools”.

Your screen should look like this, but with your own unique affiliate link:

Click on that link, and a “Copied!” pop-up will show up.

Reach out to potential leads (don’t just spam everyone), and paste your copied link somewhere in the email.

The program itself works through cookies: Someone who clicks on your special link sends cookies identifying them as sent to the site by you. Your leads have 30 days to upgrade from the free plan they initially sign up for. If they don’t sign up for a paid plan within that 30-day window, then they are not counted as your referral.

If they do sign up for a paid plan, you make 10% commission for each payment your referral makes.

You have to make at least $50 commission to qualify for a cash out. K Factors sends pay outs once a month.

To be paid, enter your PayPal email I.D. in the PayPal section of your Affiliates page.

To see how you’re doing, click on the Results section of your Affiliates page.

The referrals total tells you how many successful referrals you have, and the total visits are how many people have simply visited K Factors from your affiliate link.

That’s it: happy referring!

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