Why Your Website Needs Contextual Notifications

If there’s one thing that online stores are starting to notice, it’s that people are constantly looking for an online shopping experience they feel connected to. It’s why having a company brand that resonates with the target audience is so important, and why social media has quickly become one of the biggest focuses on internet marketers.

Of course, that’s old news. Let’s talk about the new stuff, like the stuff that K Factors is doing. 

What Are Contextual Notifications?

The new thing that internet marketing gurus are talking about is contextual notifications. If you’re not aware of this new trend, you should be. Contextual notifications are designed to track what your customer is doing and help move along the sale process. The difference between typical notifications and contextual ones is all in the name—context. 

For example, a regular notification might say something like, “Get 10% off your purchase!” A contextual notification would tell a person “Hey, it’s your birthday month! Get an extra 15% off your purchase!”

How Do Contextual Notifications Work?

Contextual notifications are typically done with the permission of the customer, and involve pop-ups, emails, or text messages that are geared towards their habits. This means that special notifications will pop up if a person goes to a certain section of your store, or if your client’s birthday is coming up. 

Are Contextual Notifications Effective?

Absolutely. Study after study shows that individualized approaches to marketing are far more effective than their traditional counterparts. 85 percent of all online stores have some kind of push notifications. You don’t get that much widespread use in the marketing world without some show of it being effective.

Why Do Contextual Notifications Work?

Studies show that using the right contextual notifications can increase signup rates as much as 25 percent. That’s an amazing improvement over standard advertising! But why do they work so well? Simple…

  • Contextual notifications are targeted towards people who are more likely to react to them. Generic ads might work, or they might not. When you’re dealing with contextual notifications, you’re sending them to people who are already looking for the service you are offering—or who are just more geared towards a specific item. 
  • People tend to enjoy companies that have an individualized approach. No one likes to feel generic, even if it’s on a subconscious level. Push notifications are custom-tailored for the people who receive them, which gives your shoppers a better experience as well as a feeling of establishing a rapport with your business.
  • They also can act as reminders for people who might have forgotten about the products you have. Believe it or not, costumers do forget that they have something in their cart or forget that they were going to buy something. A quick reminder can help you snag that sale.
  • Contextual notifications are designed to work with any retail business you could imagine. If you sell tee shirts, great! You can offer notifications that work with your plus size campaign. If you sell home goods, you can use notifications to give people a heads up that they can save extra by getting matching furniture. The possibilities are endless. 
  • It’s a good way to drum up FOMO. FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is one of the most reliable ways to make sure that you get a sale. It plays on peoples’ worry of being able to get the same price later or miss out on something that could be incredibly trendy. Since it appeals to our base instinct to avoid losing something, it has a fairly powerful grip on us.

Get K Factors, See Your Business Boom

Getting your notification campaign started used to be fairly difficult, with many stores choosing to program their own contextual notifications as part of their backend. This is no longer necessary. K Factors makes it easy as pie for site owners to make their own contextual notifications on their site. 

If you’re ready to give you clients a better experience, gain more interaction, and increase your sales, it’s just as simple as signing up for K Factors. So what are you waiting for? Try it today.

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