The 10 Most Popular FOMO Widget Services

If there’s one thing that the marketing world is becoming wise to, it’s the power that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) has over people. The worry about missing out on a major sale, a hot new trend, or keeping up with the Joneses is real—and that means site owners should make an effort to play up that psychology to make sales explode. 

Finding good FOMO widgets can be hard to do, but it’s not impossible. These 10 site widgets can help you make the most of your sales without requiring too much work on your end. 

  1. K Factors. K Factors is brand new to the scene, but remains one of the most rapidly-improving FOMO widgets on the net. This site combines the concept of social proof with custom-made notifications that are designed to turn your clients into your own personal promotion squad. Best of all? It’s super affordable.
  2. FOMO App. FOMO app is the oldest FOMO widget service on the net, and it works by showing live social proof in the form of other people buying from your site. The FOMO app gives people a gentle push to buy your products by showing that, hey, other people are doing it too. It’s highly customizable and works on most retail platforms.
  3. Nudgify. We all love to use equipment that gives people a gentle nudge, and this app is named after it. Studies show that you can increase your revenue by as much as 15 percent just by using it. That’s fairly impressive, is you ask us.
  4. NotificationX. Another up-and-coming widget that you can use is the WordPress-compatible, social proof-ready app known as NotificationX. This uses blog comments and sales pop-ups to urge people to buy up your wares. You can get compatibility with almost every major platform here. 10,000 users can’t be wrong.
  5. ContactPigeon. ContactPigeon isn’t just a FOMO tool. It’s a full CRM platform that helps analyze your sales, gain more followers, and post social proof in a way that maximizes your sales using hard data. If you need a new CRM, this is the way to go.
  6. ProveSource. The main part of a good FOMO widget is employing your current clients as a way to provide proof that you are legitimate. ProveSource remains one of the better widgets for social media, reviews, and purchase notifications. It’s also remarkably easy to use compared to some of the others on this list.
  7. Proof Factor. Most of these services offer up pop-up notifications as a way to prove that your store is popular. Proof Factor takes it to another level by offering gamified promotions that grab attention, engage customers, and stay in their minds for longer than other FOMO methods.
  8. Useproof. Let’s say that you aren’t quite at the point where you can honestly say you get a lot of sales. That’s okay, it happens, and when it does, you might need to fudge the numbers a little bit. Useproof allows you to bolster trust without having those first couple of sales and then uses sales data to further optimize your ad campaign. 
  9. Morevago. If you have ever bought anything off Amazon, you already know that reviews are king. Morevago works the social proof and FOMO angle by showcasing the best reviews your customers make along with pop-up notifications whenever someone buys something. The results are stellar.
  10. Holler Box. Do you have a WordPress website that you want to jazz up? Do you want it to get more conversions through the use of social proof and the bandwagon effect? Holler Box will make it happen through pop up notifications that look crisp and clean.

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